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Campaign Turnout Tracker provides an easy way to check-in guests & track real-time attendance for Campaigns / Events, by generating a unique QR Code for Campaign Members in Salesforce. The APP provides an option to generate QR Codes for any Campaigns. If selected, a unique QR code is generated for each Campaign Member. With the app, you can check-in attendees faster and decrease (or eliminate) check-in lines. 


In Salesforce, with the APP.

  • You can send Invitations with a unique QR Code.

  • After check-in with QR, Salesforce will be updated with Check-In info.

  • You can Generate Real-Time Reporting & Dashboards. 


Engineered and tested in real large scale events. Provided instant insights to management, and higher satisfaction to attendees.


APP also generates QR Code for all Salesforce standard & custom objects.

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